Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Model - Eruption FM 101.3 - January 1996


Jack Ruby - The Shadow [Knowledge]
Swift & Zinc - Fatters [Sophisticated Underground Sounds]
Tyranny - Innate [Knowledge]
Elements Of Noise - Yes [Emotif]
PFM - Love & Happiness [Good Looking]
Bad Influence featuring DJ Rush Puppie - Back In The Day [Prime Time Wax]
Doc Scott - Blue Skies [Metalheadz]
State Logik - Poetry In Motion [Renegade]
Funky Technicians - No Mystery [Legend]
Funky Technicians - Fever [Timeless]
Big Bud - Fantasy [Creative Source]
Mystic Moods - Amazon (Strings Mix) [Mystic Moods]
Sounds Of Life - Currents (S.O.L. remix) [Certificate 18]
Code Of Practice - Can We Change The Future (Sounds Of Life remix) [Certificate 18]
Source Direct - A Made Up Sound [Metalheadz]

(thanks to the original uploader)


  1. Good to hear Pirate shows in this style, not many about :)

    Was this one released? i cant find any info on it: Tyranny - Innate [Knowledge]
    I think a slightly different version of Innate was released on Ganja.

  2. Defintely a shame there aren't more like this.

    Innate is on this:


  3. Ah excellent, I should have guessed release dates on discogs would be all wrong.

    Do you have any dj zinc eruption shows in this style? He played a Saturday afternoon set playing these kind of tunes.

  4. The dates are a mess for that label on Discogs as the first release came out in January 1995 according to an advert in Atmosphere magazine.

    Unfortunately I don't have any DJ Zinc shows in that style. It was mentioned that a lot more sets from the station would get added to the old Eruption FM site, but hardly any other sets were uploaded.