Wednesday, 6 May 2020

G.E. Real - Pure X 'Rumble In The Jungle' - 1st July 1995

DJ Ash & DJ Vern - Squeeze [Tearin Vinyl]
Roz - U Can Be My Lover (Drum & Bass Mix) [XL]
Sound Of the Future - The Lighter (Rollers Remix) [Formation]
Sound Station - Lost In Sound [Suburban Base]
Asylum - Da Base II Dark [Metalheadz]
Easymen - Easymen (Remix 1) [Easymen - EAZY-001]
Action Man Feat Admiral Bailey & Frankie Paul - Jump Up (Sleeping Lion '95) [Greensleeves]
Special K - Deep In Space [MaDMAn]
Splash - Babylon (DJ Trace Remix) [Dee Jay]
DJ SS - Niceness [Breakdown - Telepathy - Jungle Dons - Dub Plate Special Sampler]
Darkman - I'm Gonna Get You [Rinse Out]
Lewi / Schwarznegger - Soul Pill [Kemet - Champion Jungle Sound LP]
Blackstar featuring Top Cat - Champion DJ (London Sumting Remix) [Congo Natty]
Roni Size - Step Up [V]
D.R.S. Featuring Kenny Ken - Everyman (DJ Monk Remix) [Rugged Vinyl]
Salt Fish & Ackee - The Gunman [IQ]
Mental Power - Red (AA) [Formation Colours Series]
B.U.G. K.A.N.N. - 9MM [Labello Blanco - Jungle Massive 4 Vs The Hardsteppers DJ Sampler - Vol 2]
Alladin - Mashed (VIP Exclusive) [Labello Blanco - Jungle Massive 4 V's The Hardsteppers DJ Sampler - Vol 1]
Urban Shakedown - Arsonist Dub (V.I.P Mix) [Labello Blanco - Jungle Massive 4 V's The Harsteppers DJ Sampler - Vol 3]
>> Adam F - What Ya Sayin' [Section 5]
Admiral Bailey & Mad Cobra - Jungle Punanny [Greensleeves]
Skeng Gee - Connections (Marvellous Cain Remix) [Suburban Base]
Dr S Gachet - The Dreamer (Dr S Gatchet Remix) [Urban Gorilla]
Jaco - Wicked Everytime [Unity]

Mastersafe - Love Of Life 'Part V' - 14th November 1992

Unknown DJ

Exposure - Converse [Stealth]


Tekniq - Untitled (A) [F Project]
The O - Untitled (AA1) [F Project]
Dark Mark - Untitled (A1) [F Project]
Krispy Krouton - Flavour 2. Chicken & Sweetcorn [Empire]
Dark Mark - Untitled (A2) [F Project]
Top Buzz - World Wide Epidemic [Fantazia]
Dark Mark - Untitled (B1) [F Project]
Jumpin Jack Frost - Pornography [F Project]
Metalheads - Kemistry [Synthetic]
Nasty Habits - Let's Go (Cold Remix) [Reinforced]
Nasty Habits - Dark Angel [Reinforced]
Nasty Habits - Here Comes The Drumz [Reinforced]
Metalheads - Sinister [Synthetic]
Universal Sound - Untitled (A) [F Project]
Universal Sound - Untitled (B) [F Project]
Undercover Elephant - Psycho Sounds EP (A1) [Dance Bass]
Nexus & Blowback - Boomin Tunes Volume 1 (A) [F Project]
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Just Wanna Hold U Tight (Master Dub) [Slammin' Vinyl]
Danny B - Ragga Love [Labello Blanco]
Oz Beat - Oz Beat (A) [F Project]
DJ Genisis & Kenny X - Wheel The Bass [Ibiza]
Krispy Krouton - Flavour 1. Beef & Tomato [Empire]
Megadrive - Mega 1 (B) [F Project]
Megadrive - Mega 1 (A) [F Project]
Bizzy B & TDK - Hold Me Tight [Brain]