Sunday, 29 November 2009

Jungle Soundclash 'The Grand Final' - 16th July 1994

A rare video of the Jungle Soundclash final held at the Roller Express. Kenny Ken and DJ Rap qualified from the 14.05.1994 heat and Mickey Finn and Devious D from the 18.06.1994 heat. Thanks to Ron45 for ripping the video.

Peshay - Love Of Life - 1996

PFM - Cruising Detroit [Moving Shadow - Storm From The East LP]
In Deep - Electro Solution [Urban Flavour]
PFM - Dreams [Looking Good]
Wax Doctor - Heat [R & S]
Spring Heel Jack - Wide As The Moon (Hyper On Experience remix) [Trade 2]
Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows [Ram]
DJ Crystl - Let It Roll [Dee Jay]
Fellowship - Self Imposed Exile [Xpressive]
PFM - For All Of Us [Good Looking]
Doc Scott - Tokyo Dawn [Nexus]
Earl Grey - The Lick [Rugged Vinyl]
Guardians Of Dalliance - Laid Up [Moving Shadow]
Aquasky - Moondance [Reinforced]
The Chameleon - Links [Good Looking]

Saturday, 21 November 2009

DJ FT & Rhythm Master - Dream FM 92.6 - 3rd February 1994


Acen - Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion!) [Production House]
Noise Factory - Breakage #3 [3rd Party]
Dance Conspiracy - Dub War (Chapter 1) (Full Mix) [Metamorphosis]
Blame - Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Remix) [Moving Shadow]
Phuture Assassins - Future Sound (2 Bad Mice Remix) [Suburban Base]
A Guy Called Gerald - 28 Gun Badboy [Juice Box]
Bodysnatch - Euphony (Original Mix) [Big City]
DJ Red Alert & Pepsi - Don Gorgon Sound [Brain]
The Moog - Jungle Muffin [Delirious]
Macka Brown - Go Down Baby [Labello Blanco]
Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track (Original Mix) [Fokus] (mixed with General Levy - Heat)
Armagedon featuring Ray Keith - News At Ten (Wackad Mix) [Absolute 2]
M-Beat - Booyaka (Lion Mix) [Renk]
Boogie Times Tribe - The Dark Stranger (QBass remix) [Suburban Base]
DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith - Charged [Suburban Base]
FT - Body Tune Up (Boing Mix) [Flying Fish]

Rhythm Master

DJ Rap & Aston - Jeopardy [Suburban Base]
Omni Trio - Feel (Feel Good) [Candidate]
DJ Crystl - Warp Drive [Dee Jay]
Q Project - It's Time [Legend]
DJ Nut Nut & Pure Science - The Rumble (Boom Shaka Mix) [Production House]
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play remix) [Moving Shadow]
DJ Rap & Aston - More Time [Suburban Base]
Naughty Naughty - Volume One (A) [Naughty Naughty]
DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith - Good Morning [King Of The Jungle]
FT - Body Tune Up (Based Up Mix) [Flying Fish]

Brockie & Trace - Kool FM 94.5 - 24th April 1994

A quality Kool FM recording from 1994. There aren't many DJ Trace Kool FM shows online so this is definitely worth a listen. Many thanks to the person that originally ripped this tape.


Skan - Not Sorry [24 Karat]
Subnation - Scottie (VIP Remix) [Future Vinyl]
Wots My Code - Dubplate (The Terrorist Mixes Part 2) [Not On Label - RK 01]
Hardware - Bad Man [Ganja]
Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune (Fantasy #1) [Moving Shadow]
Blame & Justice - Anthemia (Origin Unknown remix) [Moving Shadow]
Smokey Joe - A Special Request [Labello Blanco]
Leviticus - Burial (Madamoselle Mix) [Philly Blunt]
Underground Software - He's Gone [Reinforced]
DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith - Jungle Theme [Suburban Base]
H & Eddie - Day & Night [One Touch]
The Junglites - Bruksilly (remix) [Wicked Soundz]
Family Of Intelligence - Nice Time (Mix) [Kemet]
The Junglites - Computer Love [Wicked Soundz]


DJ Trace - Jazz Primitives [Lucky Spin]
Mad Dogs - Out (Jack & Phil remix) [Basement]
Roni Size & Krust - Destiny [Full Cycle - Music Box LP]
Mad Dogs - Seance (Jack & Phil remix) [Basement]
DJ Krust - Jazz Note [V]
Parallel World - Tear Into It [Good Looking]
Orca - Intalect (VIP Mix) [Promised Land Volume 2 LP]
DJ Krust - Asian Love Dance (Mix 2) [Unreleased]

Friday, 20 November 2009

Gwange - Legend Promotions Studio Mix (LEG002) - Summer 1993

A rare studio mix by Gwange of Legend Records from around August/September 1993. Does anyone have the LEG001 tape?

Q Project - It's Time [Legend]
Foul Play - Finest Illusion (Legal Mix) [Moving Shadow]
2 Bad Mice - Tribal Revival (2 Bad Mice Remix) [Moving Shadow]
Omni Trio - Feel Better (Foul Play remix) [Moving Shadow]
The Invisible Man - The Journey [7th Storey Projects]
Smith Inc featuring Simon Bassline Smith - Jungle (remix) [Absolute 2]
Cloud Nine - Mr Logic [Moving Shadow]
Eze G - Data Dump EP (B2) [Unatural Light]
DJ Krome & Mr Time - The Slammer (Nookie remix) [Suburban Base]
Dragon Fly - Equal [White House]
Smith Inc featuring Simon Bassline Smith - Music And Life (remix) [Absolute 2]
Adam F - Pressure (Mix 2) [Lucky Spin]
Smith Inc featuring Simon Bassline Smith - Palomino [Absolute 2]
Metalheads - You And Me (Urban Soul) [Synthetic]
Gwange - New Creation [Legend]
Dr. S. Gachet - EXDK (remix) [Labello Blanco]
Windmill - Divine Inspiration [Legend]
Q Project - Beyond This World [Legend]
Gwange - Vinyl Paradise [Legend]
Simon Bassline Smith - Distinction [Legend]
DJ Trace - Lost Entity (New York Side) [Lucky Spin]
The Invisible Man - The Beginning [Timeless]
The Under Graduates - Into Da Future (Exclusive Mix) [Kickin' - Hard Leaders 4 LP]
Cloud Nine - The Dreamer [Moving Shadow]

Mickey Finn - Getting Thin With The Finn Volume 4 'In Finn Air' - Autumn 1993

The final installment of the excellent Getting Thin With The Finn studio mix series from Mickey Finn