Friday 23 August 2019

DJ Ron - Unity - 25th November 1994

Majistrate - Music Lover [Intalektive]
Moby - Feeling So Real (Ray Keith Remix) [Soapbar]
Leviticus - Burial - Chronic 3 (Combination Mix) [FFRR]
Roni Size - Phizical [V]
Ray Keith - Unknown Title "I Tell The DJs What To Play" [Unreleased]
Dopestyle - Computerised Cops (Pascal's Remix) [Ganja]
Majistrate - Run It [Intalektive]
Drizabone - Gonna Happen (Leviticus Remix) [Fourth & Broadway]
Brainkillers - Loving Part 1 [Kemet]
Dreamteam - Yeah Man (Remix) [Joker]
Run Tings & Liftin' Spirits - Come Easy [Suburban Base]
Just Jungle - Sky [Trouble On Vinyl]
Dillinja - You Don't Know [Logic Productions]
Ron Tom - Revival [Metamorphosis]
Nookie - A Drum, A Bass & A Piano [Reinforced]
Splash - Babylon [Dee Jay]
Dillinja & Bryan Gee - Bad Man (Amen Mix) [V - V Recordings Retrospect Vol. 5]
Renegade - Terrorist (Grooverider Remix) [Moving Shadow]
Badman - War For '94 [IQ]
Leviticus - Burial - Chronic 4 (Heavyweight Mix) [FFRR]
Blackstar featuring Top Cat - Kunta Kinte (Original Junglist) [Congo Natty]
Berty B & Dillinja - Lion Heart [Lion Heart]
New Blood - Worries In The Dance (Remix) [London Some'ting]
>> Da Maytrix - Winter Chill [Unreleased]

Kenny Ken - Test Mix - May 1992

Thanks to Logan1975 for the tape rip

Urban Shakedown - Some Justice (Concrete Jungle Mix) [Urban Shakedown]
Krome & Time - This Sound Is For The Underground [Suburban Base]
2 White Boys - Techim (AA2) [Not On Label - BER 01]
Krome & Time - Manic Stampede [Suburban Base]
Syko And Mak - Take Me Out To Love [PM Recordings (Parliament Music)]
K2 - Me Love It [K-Toons]
Syko And Mak - Take Me Out To Love [PM Recordings (Parliament Music)]
Energetic C - Public Transportation [HNR]
Syko And Mak - Lovely Nightmare [PM Recordings (Parliament Music)]
Sycometrix – Sycometrix EP (A2) [Bad Boy]
Bizzy B - Brainstorm [Brain]
R.A.C. - Blow Out [Not On Label - RAC 001]
DJ Red Alert & Pepsi - Don Gorgon Sound [Brain]
NTT - Hypnotize [Biology Productions]
R.A.C. - Accelerate [Not On Label - RAC 001]
M.S.Six – In The Jungle E.P. (Remix A1) [Absolute 2]
RAC – Recovery [Not On Label - RAC 001]
Digital Boy - The B-O-Y [Flying]
Afrika Sound System - Afrika (Club System) [Savannah]
This Side Up - Yaah [Stealth]
Platform Two - Party Leaver [Freaky]
Nookie - Pedro Pulls An Essex Sort [Absolute 2]
Industrial High - What The Fuck [Sapho]
2 Obsessed - Clockwork Orange [Artificial Insomnia]
Rhythm Section - Perfect Love 2am [Rhythm Section]
Psychoacoustic - Wot Are We [Danse City]
Rhythm Section - Burnin' Up [Rhythm Section]
Zone - Eternal 5 [Ozone]
Rhythm Section - Perfect Love 8am [Rhythm Section]
Underground In Motion - Antedote (Dances With De-Wolf Mix) [Atmosphere]
Virtual Reality - Bionic Dreams [First Impression]
Trancesetters - The Secrets Of Meditation [First Impression]

JMJ - E-Motion 9 - July 1992

2 White Boys - Techim (AA2) [Not On Label - BER 01]
Gin & Tonic - Let It Go (Rough Guidance Mix) [The Living Dream]
I. Clifton, J. Emery, J. Higgs - New Sound By...! [Critical Rhythm]
Dance Conspiracy - Dub War (Chapter 1) (Full Mix) [Metamorphosis]
2 Bad Mice - Bombscare (Remix) [Moving Shadow]
DJ Junk - Don't Stop [Junk]
Bay-B-Kane - Good Good Sensi [Ruff Guidance]
Formula 7 - It's Not Just Ragga [Quayside]
The Criminal Minds - Presence (Original Mix) [White House]
Yolk - Bish Bosh (Original) [Ruffbeat]
Krome & Time - Manic Stampede (DJ Hype's Sandringham Road Mix) [Suburban Base]
DJ Red Alert & Pepsi - Don Gorgon Sound [Brain]
Krome & Time - This Sound Is For The Underground (E.5 Remix) [Suburban Base]
Progression - On A Rubbish Tip (Recycled Mix) [Ruff, Tuff & Wicked Stuff]
Yolk - Music 4 Da People (Original) [Ruffbeat]
Hackney Hardcore - Caught With A Spliff (Police Framed Me Again Mix) [Strictly Underground]
DJ's Unite - In Effect (Dancin' The Whole Night) [Impact]
Foul Play - Ricochet [Oblivion]
DJ's Unite - DJ's Unite (Remix) [Impact]
D.B.L. Productions - D.B.L. Theme [PM Recordings (Parliament Music)]
Hedgehog Affair - Second Rush [Basement]
DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini - Ruff Beats Producing Bass [Liquid Wax]
The Dark Syndicate - Feel The Fire [Rising High]
DJ Royal T & DJ XL - Fantasy In Motion (Piano Mix) [Strategy]
D Major - Suburbia [786 Approved]
Bizzy B - Brainstorm [Brain]
Miranda - The Miracle Maker [Liquid Wax]
Tic Tac Toe - Ephemerol [Tic Tac Toe]
J. Higgs / J. Emery / I. Clifton - Sellout [Critical Rhythm]
Noise Factory - Set Me Free (Remix) [3rd Party]

Wednesday 21 August 2019

Randall - The Edge 'Sounds Of The Jungle Volume VI' - October 1995

Lemon D - Wu-Tang Expert (Mix 2) [Unreleased]
Ed Rush - What's Up [No U-Turn]
Timebase - Funky [Tearin Vinyl]
Gang Related / Mask - Bass Is Rollin' [Dope Dragon]
P-Funk - Return Of The Funksta [Frontline]
Il Padrino - Il Padrino (Mix 1) [Bone]
Bonafide - Super Bad [Frontline]
Rude Bwoy Monty - Warp 10 (Heavyweight Mix - Unreleased Version) [Unreleased]
Dillinja - Non Believers [Chronic]
Adam F - Circles [Section 5]
Capone - Soldier [Hardleaders]
(break in recording)
Just Jungle - Listen Tune [Trouble On Vinyl]
DJ Krust - Maintain [V]
DJ Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter [Ganja]
DJ Hype - On That Dust (The Regulaters Remix) [Ganja]
Dillinja - Vicious [Test]
Capone - Soldier [Hardleaders]
T Power - The Mutant remix - Rollers Instinct [SOUR]
DJ SS - Rollidge (LP Mix) [Formation - Highly Recommended LP]
Capone - Massive [Hardleaders]
Tonic - The Mack (Remix) [Lucky Spin]

Jumping Jack Frost - Kiss 100 FM - 1st October 1997

DJ Krust - True Stories [Talkin' Loud]
Hidden Agenda - Channel [Metalheadz]
The Quartet - Wind Parade [Pivotal Entertainment]
Addiction & Helen T - Jazz Addiction [Higher Limits - Promised Land Volume 3 CD]
Roni Size / Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag (Photek remix) [Talkin' Loud]
Roni Size / Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag (Roni Size Sound Is The Music Remix) [Talkin' Loud]
Courtney Pine - Tryin Times (Peshay Remix) [Talkin' Loud]
DJ Krust - Maintain (Dave Angel Mix) [V - V Classics LP]
Tao - Riot In Lagos (Future Forces Remix) [Language]
Primary Motive - Venom [Creative Source]
Ed Rush & Optical - Naked Lunch [V]
Scorpio - Trouble [V]
DJ Krust - Warhead (Steppa Mix) [V]
Krust - Slot Machine [Unreleased]
Krust - Cold War [Talkin' Loud]
Ed Rush & Optical - Funktion (Dubplate Version) [Unreleased]
DJ Die - Unknown Title [Unreleased]
Ill Figures - In The Ghetto (Project Dub) [Labello Blanco]
DJ Die - Footsteps [Reinforced]
D-Bridge - Bring Da Flava (Gang Related Remix - Dubplate Version) [Unreleased]

DJ SS - Ah London Sumting 'North Meets South' - 15th March 1995

The Outsider - The Mash Up [Formation]
MA2 - Hearing Is Believing (Remix) [Formation]
Urban Shakedown - Some Justice '95 (Arsonist Dub Mix) [Urban Shakedown]
Sound Of The Future - The Lighter (Mix 2) [Formation]
Q Project - Champion Sound (Mastersafe Remix) [Unreleased]
DJ SS - Rollidge (Unreleased Remix) [Unreleased]
Prizna featuring Demolition Man - Fire (Urban Shakedown Remix) [Labello Blanco]
Asylum - Da Base II Dark [Metalheadz]
Moby - Feeling So Real (Ray Keith Remix) [Soapbar]
Rude Bwoy Monty - Steppa's Anthem [Frontline]
Codename John - Kindred (V.I.P. Mix) [FFRR - Spectrum LP]
Splash - Babylon [Dee Jay]
Roni Size - Phyzical (Vintage Remix) [V]
Asylum - Stepin'Hard [Metalheadz]
Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb (DJ SS Mix) [Suburban Base]
Danny Breaks - Droppin' Science Volume 01 (DJ Zinc Remix) [Droppin' Science]
Shy FX - Nuh Ease Up [Simple Tings]
Mental Power - Red Hot Ghetto [Formation]
The Dream Team - Stamina [Suburban Base]
Roni Size - Fashion [V]
DJ Nut Nut - Special Dedication (Ladies Mix) [Hard Step]
Tarzan featuring Warren G - Watch The People (Full Length Vocal Mix) [Unreleased]
Flatliner - The Big Bang (Liftin' Spirits Remix) [Ram]
In Between The Lines - 95 Rampage [Formation]
Marvellous Cain - Hitman (DJ Hype Remix) [IQ]
Mental Power - Deep Soul [Formation]
Sound Of The Future - The Lighter (Rollers Remix) [Formation]
The Dubster featuring MC GQ - Retreat (VIP Mix) [Unreleased]
Roni Size - Its A Jazz Thing (Ladies Mix) [V]

Friday 16 August 2019

Adrian H & MJ - Pulse 90.6 FM - 28th June 1992

Adrian H

Noise Factory - Need A Release [Entity]
Krome & Time - This Sound Is For The Underground [Suburban Base]
DJ Junk - Don't Stop [Junk]
D.B.L. Productions - D.B.L. Theme [PM Recordings (Parliament Music)]
Younghead - Either Join The Crew Or Get Beat Down [Reinforced]
Bogey Men - Brainstorm [Entity]
Syko & Mak - Here And Now [PM Recordings (Parliament Music)]
C. Biz - I Wanna Say Yeah [Brain]
Syko & Mak - Take Me Out To Love [PM Recordings (Parliament Music)]
Mandy - I Just Can't Wait (Mickey Finn On The Mix) (Drum And Bass Mix) [PWL International]
Xenophobia - Rushing The House [Kickin Records]



Felix - Don't You Want Me [Hooj Choons]
Intellect - Feel The Magic (Brain Box Mix) [Boogie Beat]
Tike & Krimson - Reggae Reaction [Not On Label - TK 1]
4 Hero - Cookin Up Yah Brain (Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era Remix) [Reinforced]
A Homeboy A Hippie & A Funki Dredd - Revelations [Rising High]

DJ Unit C - Manic Mix 5 - January 1992

Jones & Co - Mentalfusion (Piano Mix) [Zapf]
Master Techno - My Noise [S.T.D.]
Intellect - I Can't Stop (Not My Mix) [Mid-Town]
Master Techno - No Train [S.T.D.]
Intellect - Throw Your Hands Up (Legging Mix) [Mid-Town]
Master Techno - Electromega [S.T.D.]
World - Melody-X-Press [Top Secret]
Sub System - Robocop (To Serve & To Protect) [Atom]
Brainwave - How Do You Feel ? [DiKi]
Sub System - Sublife [Atom]
1001 People - Ao-Ao (Remix) (Mental Overdrive Mix) [DFC]
Hydrowave - Artline (First View) [Parallel]
Heavyweight - The Way Of The Future (Cool Off Mix) [The One After D]
Motion 1 - Explosion Of A Dancemode (No Sense Remix By 80 Aum) [80 Aum]
Y-Decibel - Strobophonic (Outerspace) [Suck Me Plasma]
Njoi - Mindflux [RCA]
The Rhythm Masters - God On A Trip [Underworld]
Ricky Smith - Working Without [Chicago Bad Boys]
GYR-8 - Get Ready (Fireworks) (Mix 1) [Causing A Stir]
The Hypnotist - Hardcore U Know The Score (Remix) [Rising High]
Shaggy & Breeze - Exposure [Artifical Insomnia]
Hackney Hardcore - Dancehall Dangerous! (Version 1) [Strictly Hardcore]
Flex - Programe Part 2 (A2) [i.e Records]
Automation - You [Triple Helix]
Flex - Programe Part 2 (A1) [i.e Records]
Urban Shakedown - Some Justice [Urban Shakedown]
Noise Factory - Set Me Free [Ibiza]
Byron Lewis - The Warning [II Exodus]
Noise Factory - Feel The Music [Ibiza]
Engineers Revenge - Sounds Of Euro? [Detroit House]
E-Type - M25's [Boogie Times]
Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived [Industrial Strength]
E-Type - Triple X [Boogie Times]
The Clepto-Maniacs - Technophobic Lisa [Fokus]
MI 7 - Rockin' Down The House (Drum 'N' Bass Remake) [Chill]
Urban Tribes - No Matter What (Get Funky House Mix) [Gaga]
Rude Boy Konnection - Trailer Load Of Bass [Big Tyme]
Tronikhouse - The Savage And Beyond (Savage Reese Mix) [Incognito]