Friday, 20 August 2021

DJ Ash - Kool 94.5 FM - 6th August 1994

Kool Crew 94.5FM - Take Control [Soapbar]
DJ Trace - Coffee (Full Of Flavor Mix) [Lucky Spin]
Virtigo - Requested Sound [Underworld Vinyl]
DJ Spatts - Rollin Voodoo (Boshcorps Serenade) [Outlan U.K.]
Dillinja - Perfect Match [Deadly Vinyl]
A-Zone - Calling The People (Remix) [White House]
Studio Pressure - Resolution [Photek]
Dr. Jay & DJ Rush Puppy - Morning Rush EP (A) [Firm Handed]
Smokey Joe - Shining [Labello Blanco - PLB 1]
Dillinja - You Don't Know [Logic Productions]
Wayne Marshall - G Spot [Not On Label - SOS 007]
Tom And Jerry - Maxi(Mun) Style (Remix) [Tom & Jerry]
Roni Size & DJ Die - Music Box [Full Cycle]
Doctor Jay & DJ Rush Puppy - Respect [Firm Handed]
Skool Of Hard Knocks - Kan U Feel It [Grand Larceny]
Gin & Tonic - Right Bullet Right Time (Remix) [White House]
The Intelligent Jungalist - Double Barrel [White House]
Dillinja - Deadly Deep Subs (Remix) [Deadly Vinyl]

DJ Ice - Kool 94.5 FM - Late 1991

Mad Axe

Rio & Le Jean - Narcosia (Bleeping Mix) [Byte]
Circuit Breaker - Open Your Mind [Probe]

DJ Ice

Jimmy Crash - Crash Course [Nu Groove]
Gangsters Of Techno - Mind Control (Reactive Mix) [City Limits]
Reel 2 Reel - Back 2 Attack 2 (B2) [Reel 2 Reel]
Rhythm Junior - Empathy [Contagious]
Recall - I've Seen Things [Deja Vu]
Rhythm Junior - Murderous Style [Contagious]
Flex - Welcome [De Underground]
Andromeda - Da Buzz [Intrigue]
CJ Bolland - Mindwar [R & S]
Sykosis 451 - Hurricane (Windy Dub) [Bad Ass Toons]
CJ Bolland - Horsepower [R & S]
Indo Tribe - Owl (I Can See You Mix) [Jumpin' & Pumpin']
After Dark - Cardiac (Sonic Mix) [Hardcore]
DJ Seduction - Hardcore Heaven (The Heaven Mix) [Ffrreedom]
Razor Boy & Mirror Man - Cutter Mix [Rabbit City]
Loopzone - Back To Love [Bash]


Razor Boy & Mirror Man - Beyond Control [Rabbit City]
Virtual Reality - Make Some Noise (Mix 1) [786 Approved]
The Red Army - Moscow [Xpression]
Armageddon - Raybone [Hardcore Urban Music]
Neon - Waves (Extended Vocal Mix) [Rave 55]
The Witchdoctor - Sunday Afternoon [Mutant]
Messiah - 20,000 Hardcore Members [Kickin]

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Alex Hazzard - Reincarnation - 15th February 1992

Kenny Ken

Atomizer 2 - Liberty & Freedom (Mad Max Mix) [Dance Opera]
A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray (Hardfloor Remix) [Total Recall]

Alex Hazzard

Smooth But Hazzardous - Made U Dance [Basement]
Adam X - Lost In Hell (Paradis Mix) [Rave Age]
Church Of Extacy - Church Of Extacy (Pray For Acid) [Rising High]
Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived [Planet Core Productions]
X-es - Weird [Freaky]
Investigator Base - To Be Continued [Sly Eye]
Mashed - Spectre [Moving Shadow]
C.M.C. - I'm In Ecstasy [Limited E Edition]
Noise Factory - To The Top [Ibiza]
C.M.C. - Raggamuffin Mayhem [Limited E Edition]
Interface - Do It [Rising High]
The Mover - Nightflight (Non-Stop To Kaos) [Planet Core Productions]
Smooth But Hazzardous - Smooth But Hazzardous (Dubplate Mix) [Unreleased]
DJ's U-Nite - Volume 1 (A) [Liquid Wax]
Hedgehog Affair - Oh My God, I'm A D.J. [Basement]
The Hedgehog Affair - Oh Wow What A Rush [Purple Heart Music]
Hedgehog Affair - Second Rush [Basement]
The Hedgehog Affair - Come On Let's Have Some Fun [Purple Heart Music]
Hedgehog Affair - These Are The Sounds Of House [Basement]
The Hedgehog Affair - You Just Don't Understand [Purple Heart Music]
Techno Bros. - Burst Appendix [Basement]
Leo Anibaldi - Acid Pop [ACV]
After Dark - Come With Me Tonight (Midnight Mix) [Orbital]
Interface - Out Yer Face [Rising High]
DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini - Everybodys Under The Influence [Liquid Wax]
Mark One - Hoovers + Spraycans [Recherché]
>> DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini – Isn't That Powerful [Liquid Wax]