Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Easygroove (2) - Quest 'Halloween Special' - 31st October 1992

Unfortunately the side 2 rip is about 90 seconds short because my tape deck chewed up the tape beyond repair. If anyone has this tape and can do another rip please get in touch.

Simon Bassline Smith

DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Just Wanna Hold U Tight (Master Dub) [Slammin' Vinyl]
Smith & Mighty - Killa [Three Stripe] (@45)
Nasty Habits - Mayday Mayday [Reinforced]
Cloud Nine - Bugged [Not On Label - CLOUD 2]
Metalheads - Kemistry [Synthetic]


Ibiza Crew - Sunshine Faraway [Ibiza]
Mastersafe - Yorkie EP (A) [F Project]
Cosmic Brain - Hardcore Helmet [Ruff Quality]
Sakana - People Are Changing [Strong Island]
N.R.G. - I Need Your Love (Real Hardcore Mix) [Chill]
Wardance - Untitled (A) [F Project]
Undercover Elephant - Psycho Sounds EP (A2) [Dance Bass]
Wardance - Untitled (AA1) [F Project]
Undercover Elephant - Psycho Sounds EP (B2) [Dance Bass]
2 Slices Of Jam - Beat Like This [Not On Label - 2 SLICES OF JAM]
DJ Sparks - Assylum [Yaw]
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Just Wanna Hold U Tight (Heavy Duty) [Slammin' Vinyl]
Acen - Trip II The Moon (Kaleidoscopiklimax) [Production House]
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Just Wanna Hold U Tight [Slammin' Vinyl]
Zookeepers Revenge - Ain't Nobody Who Knows [Dance Bass]
Oaysis - Jungle Mash Up (DJ SS Remix) [Formation]
L.S. Diezel & Launch Dat - Rougher Than A Lion [Digidub Records]
Techno Bros - We Are...... Techno Bros [Basement]
Jack 'N' Phil - Punishment (You Didn't Learn Mix) [Basement]
Eat Life - Equinox [Ruff Tuff & Wicked Stuff Records]
3 Way Split with DJ Easygroove - Summer's Groove [Where's The Party]
Tango - The Tango Project (AA) [F Project]
Naz Aka Naz - Organised Crime (DJ Eye Spy Remix) [Deja Vu]
Tango - The Tango Project (A) [F Project]
DJ Genisis & Kenny X - X Rated Movie [Ibiza]
S.M.F. - Volume 3 (A1) [Rugged Vinyl]
3 Way Split with DJ Easygroove - Wicked Ones [Where's The Party]
Burning Chrome - Didn't I Do The Best I Could [Huxley]
Mind To Mind - Tribal Trance [After Dark]

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ratty - The Edge 'Certificate 18' - December 1992

Thanks to Nebkins for the tape rip and tracklisting.

Side A - Download
Side B - Download


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Ned Ryder - Back 2 Basics 'The Full Story' - Late 1993

JMJ & Richie - Case Reopened (Deep Blue Brought To Trial Mix) [Moving Shadow]
Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune (Fantasy #1) [Moving Shadow]
Aphrodite - Sea Mortar [Aphrodite]
DJ Crystl - Warp Drive [Dee Jay]
DJ Taktix featuring Top Buzz - The Way (Remix) [Back 2 Basics]
Flex - Ralph [Oddball]
Boogie Times Tribe - The Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Remix) [Suburban Base]
Conquering Lion - Inah Sound [X Project]
Conquering Lion - Dub Plate Special (Ruff Cut) [X Project]
Inta Warriors - Your Love Is Yours [Dee Jay]
Inta Warriors - Dreams Of Heaven (The Silence Mix) [Dee Jay]
Rufige Kru - Manslaughter (PT 1: The Runner's Edge) [Reinforced]
DJ Wax - 'Moments So Dark' (AA) [CMC]
Cloud 9 - You Got Me Burnin' (Ray Keith & Nookie remix) [Moving Shadow]
Neuromancer - Pennywise [Symphony Sound]
From The Man Like The Pennywise - Suspension Of Disbelief [Symphony Sound]

Brockie & DJ Ash - Kool FM - 28th January 1995


Just Jungle - Wanna Say Yeah [Trouble On Vinyl]
Remarc - R.I.P. [Suburban Base]
Ninja Man - Jungle Move (Remarc remix) [Street Tuff]
Tom & Jerry - Maxi(mun) Style (remix) [Tom & Jerry]
Jaco - Wicked Everytime [Unity]
Bizzy B & Marly Marl - "Gangster" [Unreleased]
Undercover Agent - Oh Gosh [Juice]
Just Jungle - Very Last Drop [Trouble On Vinyl]
Danny Breaks - Step Off [Droppin' Science]
MA2 - Hearing Is Believing [Formation]
Prizna featuring Demolition Man - Fire (Smokey Joe remix) [Labello Blanco]
Smokey Joe - Shining (remix) [Labello Blanco]
Johnny Jungle - Killa Sound [Suburban Base]
Blackstar featuring Sweetie Irie - Get Wild (Knowledge & Wisdom Mix) [Congo Natty]
Just Jungle - Sky [Trouble On Vinyl]


DJ Ash

Harmony & Xtreme - Watch This (DJ Harmony remix) [Section 5]
Redrose - Hotter Junglematical Style (Drum'n'bass) [Greensleeves]
Sedzy - Go Ina It [Flex]
Rude Bwoy Monty - Out In Da Streets [Frontline]

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Dylan & B-Key - Rude FM - April or May 1995

Around 9 minutes of Dylan & B-Key on Rude FM that was at the end of one of my tapes.



Jo - Raw [Awesome]
Alex Reece - Basic Principles (Dillinja "Step 1") [Metalheadz]
Rude Bwoy Monty - Steppa's Anthem [Frontline]
Dillinja - Ja Know Ya Big [Metalheadz]

Fabio - The Edge 'A6 Series' - 2nd October 1992

Thanks once again to Nebkins for the tape rip and tracklisting.


Monday, 6 December 2010

DJ Jinx - Kool FM - Autumn 1993

On Remand - Controllin' [Crackhouse Productions]
M-Beat - Dark Dub [Renk]
2 Bad Mice - Tribal Revival (remix) [Moving Shadow]
Foul Play - Finest Illusion [Section 5]
Omni Trio - Mystic Stepper [Moving Shadow]
Omni Trio - Feel Better (Foul Play remix) [Moving Shadow]
E.K.U.D.C.M. - Ultra Jungle (All Nite) [Hard Disk]
Jim Polo & Neil Vass - Underground Feelin (remix PT 1) [Face]
Rufige Kru - Ghosts Of My Life [Reinforced]
Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam - Made In Two Minutes (Rave Mix) [Optimum Dance]
Metalheads - Saint Angel [Synthetic]
M-Beat - Rumble [Renk]
Jonny L - Hurt U So (Bootleg Mix) [Not On Label - KRM 001]
TMR - Pirate Toon (Moose Mix) [Pirate Club]
Metalheads - You And Me - The Beauty - The Beast [Synthetic]
Ment 4 Bass - Strings Free [Liquid Wax]
Shades Of Rhythm - Sweet Sensation (Ray Keith remix) [S.O.R.]
Satin Storm - What Do You Do? [Satin Storm]
D-Livin - Why [D-Livin]
Hopa & Bay B Kane - Pro-One EP (A1) [Pro-One]

DJ Tonic - Kool FM - 3rd April 1993

Potential Bad Boy - I Feel It [Limited E Edition]
Noise Factory - 1,2,3 O'Clock Rock [3rd Party]
Potential Bad Boy - Skip To My Loop [Limited E Edition]
Johnny Jungle - Johnny [Face]
DJ Hype - Shot In The Dark (Gunshot Mix) [Suburban Base]
Trace & Ed Rush - Don Bad Man [Lucky Spin]
Internal Affairs - Stylin' [Reinforced]
Gin & Tonic - Let It Go (Rough Guidance Mix) [Kikman]


Johnny Jungle - I Like To Cry [Face]
Bizzy B & Peshay - Merder Style [Brain]
Kid Andy, Nickle Bee & MC Charl.e - Over The Top [Boogie Beat]
X Project - Walking In The Air (Side A1) [X Project]

Randall & Grooverider - The Edge B4 Series - 26th June 1993

Thanks to Nebkins for these tape rips.

Randall (Side A) - Download
Randall (Side B) - Download

Grooverider (Side A) - Download
Grooverider (Side B) - Download