Friday, 29 July 2011

Generator Magazine - August 1993 - DJ Slipmatt interview

Atmosphere Magazine - Issue 5 - June 1993

Includes interviews with DJ Trace and Kenny Ken


DJ Hype - Jungle Mania 'Jungle Showtime 95' - 28th January 1995

DJ Hype with MC MC and MC Ryme Tyme.

Side A - download
Side B - download


Side A

>> Sound Clash sample
Easymen - Side A [Easymen - ROLL 001]
Undercover Agent - Oh Gosh! [Juice]
Krome & Time - Ganja Man (Exclusive Dub Plate Special) [Labello / PWL - Jungle Massive 3 LP]
Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows [Ram]
Red Light - Get Up [Red Light]
Ninja Man - Jungle Move (Remarc remix 1) [Street Tuff]
Tom & Jerry - Maxi(mun) Style (Nasty Jungle remix) [Tom & Jerry]
DJ Hype - Going Out For Da Loot [Ganja]
DJ Dextrous & H Pee - Hot Flame [Subversive]
MA2 - Hearing Is Believing [Formation]

Side B

MA2 - Hearing Is Believing [Formation]
Marvellous Cain - Hitman (DJ Hype remix) [IQ]
DJ Taktix - The VIP (Final Chapter) [Back 2 Basics]
Rude Bwoy Monty - Steppa's Anthem [Frontline]
Urban Shakedown - Some Justice 95 (Arsonist Dub Mix) [Urban Shakedown]
Remarc - R.I.P. [Suburban Base]

cuts into a set by an unknown DJ from an unknown event

DJ Krust - Jazz Note [V]
Skanna - All You Wanted [Skanna]
International Rude Boyz - Closer To Reality [Formation]
Half Breed - Every Posse [24 Karat]
Cool Hand Flex - Lick Shot [De Underground]

Slipmatt - Vibealite - 12th February 1994


Mad Dog - Out (Jack & Phil Remix) [Basement]


Corruption Productions - Go Again [Corruption Productions]
Remarc - One 4 Da Vibes [Dollar]
Nookie - Give A Little Love [Reinforced - RIVET 1255]
Cru-L-T - Knite In Paradise (Sub Love remix) [Kniteforce]
DJ Seduction - Everybody [Impact]
Demo & Poet featuring DJ Lomas - Justice [Step Aside]
Combination 2 - Signals [Active]
Demo & Poet - Welcome To My Nightmare (Remix) [Step Aside]
Corruption Productions - Love You Right [Corruption Productions]
The Anthill Mob - Black Rushin' (Anthill Remix) [Anthill]
Ruff With The Smooth - Art Of Intelligence [Basement]
Fast Floor - Plight of the Innovators [Smooth]
Electronic Experienced - I.Q. [Basement]
Jack 'N' Phil - We Are Unity [Basement]
Jack 'N' Phil - We Are Unity (Vocal Mix) [Basement]
Smith & Brown - Do It Now [Homegrown]
DJ Slipmatt - Break Da Bell [Beats 24/7 - Battle Of The DJs Match 1 LP]
DJs Unknown - Vol. 2 (AA) [Homegrown]
SMD - #3 (AA) [SMD]
Ramos & Vinylgroover - Phantasm [Hectic]
Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime - Sunshine [Hectic]
Oaysis - Incredible Bass (Awaited Mix by Slipmatt) [Vicious Vinyl - VIC 003]
Ramos & Supreme - Crowd Control [Hectic]
Naughty Naughty - Volume Five (A) [Naughty Naughty]
EQ - Total Xstacy (93 DJ SS Remix) [Formation]
SMD - #3 (A) [SMD]

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Top Buzz - The Edge - 13th November 1992

Thanks once again to Nebkins for this tape rip. Unfortunately the sound quality on most of the The Edge single tapes from November and December 1992 is really poor as they are some of the best sets they released.

Bad Influence - Thoughts Of An Innocent Mind (Basement Mix) [Metamorphosis]
Nasty Habits - Let's Go (Cold Remix) [Reinforced]
2 Reefer - Hardcore On Wax [Ruff, Tuff & Wicked Stuff]
2 Boasters featuring Cloud 9 & DJ Pedro - The Traitor (The Judas Mix) [Daddy Armshouse]
Run Tings - Back Again (Kaotic Chemistry Remix) [Suburban Base]
Tekniq - Untitled (A) [F Project]
Universal Sound - Untitled (A) [F Project]
The Good, 2 Bad & Hugly - Jungle [Ruff Kut!]
Metalheads - Kemistry [Synthetic]
Top Buzz - Livin' In Darkness [Basement]
Doctor G - Oxford Ardkore Volume 2 (B1) [G-Spot]
Twin Bass - Daze Of Reality [Kickin]
DJ Tony B & Quickspin - Different Dimension [Redskin]
Top Buzz - Maintain Her [Basement]
Metalheads - Sinister [Synthetic]
LTJ Bukem - A Couple Of Beats [Good Looking]
Burning Chrome - For You [Huxley]
LTJ Bukem - Demon's Theme [Good Looking]
Sacred - Keep On Going (Good Over Evil Mix) [Not On Label - SACD001]
DJ Tony B & Quickspin - I Like The Music [Redskin]
Burning Chrome - Powermove [Huxley]
Suspicious Minds - Some Harmony (Hardmix) [J4M]
Nicky Blackmarket - Pops Fusion [Gyroscope]

Monday, 25 July 2011

DJ Rap - Love Of Life 'Queen Of The Jungle' - Summer 1994

Recorded at Heat on 11th August 1994. Thanks to Nebkins for the rip.



Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Atmosphere Magazine - Issue 12 - March 1994


Counterforce - A Collection Of Sequenced Deep Beats - 1995

Mixtape version of the Counterforce compilation mixed by Mark Gage. Thanks to Nebkins for this rip.



Side A

DJ Tamsin & The Monk - A Better Place (DJ Crystl Remix) [Whitehouse]
Hyper On Experience - Disturbance [Moving Shadow]
Metalheads - Inner City Life [F.F.R.R.]
DJ Crystl - Let It Roll [Dee Jay]
DJ Crystl - Warp Drive (remix) [Dee Jay]
Zero B - Lock Up (DJ Crystl Counterforce remix) [Counterforce - A Collection Of Deep Beats LP]

Side B

Lemon D - Deep Space Remix PT 1 [Planet Earth]
Flynn & Flora - Dream Of You [Independent Dealers]
DJ Tamsin & The Monk - A Better Place (Bay B Kane Remix) [Whitehouse]
Inna Rhythm - Carrie [Tone Def]
Koda - The Deep [Dee Jay]
Rogue Unit - Dance Of The Sarooes [Labello Blanco]
Orbital - Are We Here [Internal]