Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Bryan Gee & DJ SL - Kool FM 94.5 - 11th November 1994


D.O.P.E. - Burning [Rugged Vinyl]
L Double - What Am I Gonna Do [Little Rollers]
Blame - Sub Committee [Moving Shadow]
Splash - Babylon [Dee Jay]
Demolition Man, Frisky Dan & Terry Tee - Latest Craze (Untitled Mix) [SOUR]
The Dream Team - Stamina [Suburban Base]
Da Maytrix - Winter Chill [Unreleased]
Heretic - Hold On [Sonic]
D.R.S. featuring Kenny Ken - Everyman [Rugged Vinyl]
Prisoner - Mr. Fix It [London Some'ting]
D*Note - Iniquity Worker (Roni Size & Krust remix) [Dorado]
Berty B & Dillinja - Lion Heart (remix) [Unreleased]
Marvellous Cain - Hitman (VIP remix) [Drum & Bass Selection 3 LP]
Layla - Gotta Find Love (Ray Keith Payback Mix) [Inferno]
Gappa G & Hypa Hyper - Information Centre (Ray Keith Remix) [Ruff Kut!]
Leviticus - Burial (The Tearing Terrorist Mix) [FFRR]

Friday, 16 December 2011

Ratty - The Edge 'Drum & Bass' - 10th March 1995

Thanks to Nebkins for ripping this set. Recorded at The Edge 'Awakening' 10th March 1995.



Side A

Sound Of The Future - The Lighter (Mix 2) [Formation]
Foul Play - The Stepper [Moving Shadow]
The Committee - Final Conflict (Tango Remix) [Creative Wax]
Flatliner - The Big Bang (Liftin' Spirit remix) [Ram]
In Between The Lines - We're Roll'in [Formation]
Q Project - Champion Sound (Mastersafe Remix) [Unreleased]
Digital - Why [Natural Mystic]
Foul Play - Total Control [Moving Shadow]

Side B

Foul Play - Total Control [Moving Shadow]
DJ Krust - Do You Love Me (Mix 2) [Unreleased]
Sound Of The Future - The Lighter (Mix 1) [Formation]
T.I.C. - Rockers [Back 2 Basics]
DJ SS - Black [Formation]
Sounds Of Life - Release The Bells (Wax Doctor Remix) [Certificate 18]
DJ Harmony - Let Me In [Moving Shadow]
Bounty Killaz - Do It Now! (DJ Pulse Remix) [Creative Wax]
Roni Size & DJ Die - 11.55 (Roll Out Mix) [Full Cycle]
Big Bud - Faceless [Underdog]

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Generator Magazine - November 1993 - Fabio & Grooverider Interview

Model & Transit - Eruption 101.3 FM - 8th January 1995

Sound quality improves after about 13 minutes.



MI5 - I Can't Understand [Lucky Spin]
Voyager - Haunted [Lucky Spin]
Voyager - Voyager [Lucky Spin]
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP Mix) [Moving Shadow - The Deepest Cut Volume 1 LP]
N.C. & Asend - The Rubber Band [Second Movement]
Photek - The Physical [Photek]
Omni Trio - Thru The Vibe '94 [Moving Shadow]
Rufige Kru - Fury [Moving Shadow]
Hyper On Experience - Ouija Awakening [Moving Shadow]
DJ Pulse & Alex Reece - Kudos [Moving Shadow]
Essence Of Aura - Northern Lights [Moving Shadow]
2 Bad Mice - Shooby Corner [Moving Shadow]
JMJ & Richie - Deep Bass Nine [Moving Shadow]
Nookie - I'll Give It To You [Moving Shadow]
Omni Trio - Together [Moving Shadow - The Deepest Cut Volume 1 LP]
Tekniq - Rewind [Formation]
PFM – Wash Over Me [Good Looking]

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Jumping Jack Frost - Kaos 14 - 1992

Thanks to Nebkins for the mp3s and tracklisting. I'm guessing the set is from about August 1992 because of the tunes played, but does anyone know the correct date for this set?



Monday, 12 December 2011

Dr S Gachet - Elite Sounds - 28th October 1994

Recorded at Phase 3 'All Nighter' on 28th October 1994

Dead Dred - Dred Bass (Origin Unknown Remix) [Moving Shadow]
Aladdin - We Enter (Heavenly Remix) [Aladdin]
Firefox & 4-Tree - Warning (Roni Size Mix) [Philly Blunt]
Studio Pressure - Book Of Changes [Photek]
DJ Pulse - Stay Calm (Foul Play Remix) [Creative Wax]
Studio Pressure - Relics [Certificate 18]
Danny Breaks - Firing Line [Droppin' Science]
Skool Of Hard Knocks - Kan U Feel It [Grand Larceny]
Sophisticated Bad Boyz - Feel The Magic (Roughed-Up Version) [Suburban Base]
Cool Hand Flex - Melody Madness [In Touch]
>> DJ Nut Nut - Special Dedication (Ladies Mix) [Hard Step]
Marvellous Cain - Dub Plate Style [Suburban Base]
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP Mix) [Moving Shadow - The Deepest Cut LP]
Digital - Touch Me (95 Agony Mix) [Timeless]
Intense - Para Time Continuem (VIP Dubplate Mix) [Sublogic]
Intense - Searching [Keeping Vinyl Alive - Intense 2015 Remastered Collection Part 1 3 x LP]
Babylon Timewarp - Changing [Mistermen]
DJ SS - United (Grooverider Remix) [Formation]
Renegade - Terrorist [Moving Shadow]

Sunday, 11 December 2011

DJ Seduction & Hector C - Fusion - 15th January 1993

Thanks to Nebkins for ripping these sets.

Hector C (Side A) - DOWNLOAD
Hector C (Side B) - DOWNLOAD
Seduction (Side A) - DOWNLOAD
Seduction (Side B) - DOWNLOAD


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Majistrate - Cyndicut 100.4 FM - March 1994

Suburban Knights - State Of Art [Intelligent Music Company]
Dexxtrous & Sudden Def - Infrared [Infrared]
Fugitive - Substance [Underdog]
Jo - R Type [Awesome]
Roni Size & DJ Die - Music Box [Full Cycle]
Noise Of Art - Rollin' Deep (Smokey Joe Remix 2) [Suburban Base]
DJ Hype - Roll The Beats (Inject The Bass Mix) [Suburban Base]
DJ Buz - Slave [No U-Turn]
Smokey Joe - Special Request [Labello Blanco]
Deep Blue - Sunset Over Stevenage [Moving Shadow]
JMJ & Richie - Case Reopened (Deep Blue Brought To Trial Remix) [Moving Shadow]

Monday, 5 December 2011

Brockie & Fabrok - Kool FM - 23rd April 1993


L Double - Examine Da Plannin' [Velocite]
A Guy Called Gerald - Like A Drug [Juice Box]
Under-D-Influence - Brand New 49T2 [Hardcore Vinyl]
3 Way Split with DJ Easygroove - Wicked Ones [Where's The Party]
LTJ Bukem - Demon's Theme [Good Looking]
Sacred - Keep On Going (Good Over Evil Mix) [Sacred]
Satin Storm – Think I’m Going Out Of My Head [Satin Storm]
Pow Pow - Untitled (B1) [Pow Pow - POW POW 2]
The Charm - De-men-tation [Bass Overdose]
Wax Doctor - A New Direction [Basement]
Hard & Pure - Chains [Hard & Fast]
A Guy Called Gerald - Sunshine [Juice Box]
Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows [Ram]
Nasty Habits - Let's Go (Cold remix) [Reinforced]
Hard & Pure - This Is Jungleism [Hard & Fast]
D Major - One Step [786 Approved]
Smith Inc - Music & Life [Absolute 2]
Ruff & Ready - A Lesson In Ruffness (Mix 3) [Ruff & Ready]
Tom & Jerry - Cat Got Your Tongue [Tom & Jerry]
Bodysnatch - The Strength (Mental Rapids) [Big City]
The Anthill Mob - Black Rushin' [Anthill]



Trace & Ed Rush - Clean Gun [Lucky Spin]
Tim Taylor - Istanbul (Taktix Remix) [Fokus]
Trace & Ed Rush - Don Bad Man [Lucky Spin]
Noise Factory - Out Of My Mind [3rd Party]
Satin Storm - Satin Storm [Satin Storm] (played at 45rpm)
Edge Of Darkness - Come Together [After Dark]

Friday, 2 December 2011

DJ SL & Remarc - Weekend Rush FM - 24th December 1992


Nino - Reality [Production House]
Sacred - Keep On Going (Good Over Evil Mix) [Sacred]
B.R.O.T.H.E.R. Movement - Concrete Jungle Dub [Tribal Bass]
Foul Play - Dubbing You [Oblivion]


Noise Factory - Mr Sulu [3rd Party]
The Criminal Minds - Flynny's Theme [White House]
Noise Factory - Breakage #3 [3rd Party]
Wots My Code - Dubplate [XLR8]
D-Livin - Why [D-Livin]
Dance Conspiracy - Dub War (Chapter 1) (Full Mix) [Metamorphosis]
Noise Overload - Toontown [Global Dance]
Hannibal Lecter - Love Like Rockers [Asylum]

Ellis Dee - Love Of Life - December 1994

Thanks to Nebkins for the tape rip.

Side A - download
Side B - download