Friday, 16 August 2019

DJ Unit C - Manic Mix 5 - January 1992

Jones & Co - Mentalfusion (Piano Mix) [Zapf]
Master Techno - My Noise [S.T.D.]
Intellect - I Can't Stop (Not My Mix) [Mid-Town]
Master Techno - No Train [S.T.D.]
Intellect - Throw Your Hands Up (Legging Mix) [Mid-Town]
Master Techno - Electromega [S.T.D.]
World - Melody-X-Press [Top Secret]
Sub System - Robocop (To Serve & To Protect) [Atom]
Brainwave - How Do You Feel ? [DiKi]
Sub System - Sublife [Atom]
1001 People - Ao-Ao (Remix) (Mental Overdrive Mix) [DFC]
Hydrowave - Artline (First View) [Parallel]
Heavyweight - The Way Of The Future (Cool Off Mix) [The One After D]
Motion 1 - Explosion Of A Dancemode (No Sense Remix By 80 Aum) [80 Aum]
Y-Decibel - Strobophonic (Outerspace) [Suck Me Plasma]
Njoi - Mindflux [RCA]
The Rhythm Masters - God On A Trip [Underworld]
Ricky Smith - Working Without [Chicago Bad Boys]
GYR-8 - Get Ready (Fireworks) (Mix 1) [Causing A Stir]
The Hypnotist - Hardcore U Know The Score (Remix) [Rising High]
Shaggy & Breeze - Exposure [Artifical Insomnia]
Hackney Hardcore - Dancehall Dangerous! (Version 1) [Strictly Hardcore]
Flex - Programe Part 2 (A2) [i.e Records]
Automation - You [Triple Helix]
Flex - Programe Part 2 (A1) [i.e Records]
Urban Shakedown - Some Justice [Urban Shakedown]
Noise Factory - Set Me Free [Ibiza]
Byron Lewis - The Warning [II Exodus]
Noise Factory - Feel The Music [Ibiza]
Engineers Revenge - Sounds Of Euro? [Detroit House]
E-Type - M25's [Boogie Times]
Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived [Industrial Strength]
E-Type - Triple X [Boogie Times]
The Clepto-Maniacs - Technophobic Lisa [Fokus]
MI 7 - Rockin' Down The House (Drum 'N' Bass Remake) [Chill]
Urban Tribes - No Matter What (Get Funky House Mix) [Gaga]
Rude Boy Konnection - Trailer Load Of Bass [Big Tyme]
Tronikhouse - The Savage And Beyond (Savage Reese Mix) [Incognito]

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