Tuesday 5 November 2013

DJ Ash - Kool FM - 19th February 1994

FT - R Girl [Flying Fish]
Underground Software - Different Ting (Tek 9 remix) [Reinforced]
Bay B Kane - Daybreak [White House]
Drum & Bass - Low Down & Funky (remix) [Formation]
Dark & Moody - Volume 4 (A) [Dark & Moody]
The Last Crusaders - In Love [Formation]
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play remix) [Moving Shadow]
Hackney Hardcore - Dinomania (Hear It In A Rave Mix) [Strictly Underground]
MA1 - Motion [Formation]
International Rude Boyz - Drum Programme (remix) [Formation]
Danny Breaks - Volume 1 (A) [Droppin' Science]
Engineers Without Fears - Spiritual Aura [Dee Jay]
Roni Size & DJ Die - Music Box [Full Cycle]
Noise Of Art - Rollin Deep... In The Realm Of The Purple Diamond (Danny Breaks & Andy C Remix) [Suburban Base]
The Under Graduates - Into Da Future (Massive Mix) [Camden Tunes]
FBD Project - The Core (Neil Trix remix) [Bang-In Tunes]
DJ Nut Nut & Pure Science - The Rumble (Boom Shaka Mix) [Production House]
DJ Rap & Aston - Get Rushed [Suburban Base]
Bay-B-Kane - Bagpipes In Effect [Kikman]
Lucida - Tunnel Vision [Production House]
Bay B Kane - On A Star [Kikman]
Bay B Kane - Addictive [White House]
Warrior Bass - Future World (Utopia) [Future Vinyl]
The Rood Project - (Can't) Control It [White House]
Liftin' Spirits - Break It Up [Liftin' Spirit]
Q Project - Champion Sound (Alliance remix) [Legend]
Liftin' Spirits - Will I Dream [Liftin' Spirit]
The Intelligent Jungalist - Barehedd One [Ruff Guidance]
Fugitive - Substance [Underdog]
The Rood Project - Thunder (Original Mix) [White House]
Spirits From An Urban Jungle - Prologue To Freedom [White House]


  1. Wow, an Ash mix I didn't have! I've only found 4-definitely one of my favorites. You're awesome sir. Good day!

  2. ash, what a don