Wednesday, 20 November 2013

LTJ Bukem - Love Of Life 'Intelligent Jungle' - Late 1995

Unknown DJ

A1) Mental Power & DJ SS - Blue Side B [Formation Colours Series]

LTJ Bukem

A2) The Spirit - Mendacity [Timeless]
A3) DJ Fokus - On Line (DrumnBass Mix) [Dee Jay]
A4) Studio Pressure - The Water Margin (95 VIP Mix) [Unreleased]
A5) JMJ & Richie - Free La Funk (PFM Remix) [Moving Shadow]
A6) System X - Say It Part 2 [Unreleased]
A7) Future Bound - Sorrow [Skanna]

B1) Future Bound - Sorrow [Skanna]
B2) Intense - Positive Notions [Good Looking]
B3) Funky Technicians - Airtight [Legend]
B4) The Chameleon - Just Close Your Eyes & Listen [Good Looking]
B5) Oblivion - Sands Of Time (Dubplate Mix) [Unreleased]
B6) Source Direct - The Crane [Source Direct]


  1. Thanks brings back loads of good memories quality mix, any idea where recorded?

  2. No, I've not been able to work out where this set was recorded.