Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Kenny Ken - Roast - 3rd May 1992

Dragon Fly - Viking [BTB]
Urban Shakedown - Some Justice (Concrete Jungle Mix) [Urban Shakedown]
The Ratpack - Searchin' For My Rizla (Censored Mix) [Big Giant Music]
DJ Seduction - Hardcore Heaven (The Reincarnation) [Ffrreedom]
The Creator - Scat (Part 2) [Furious]
The Alcan Warriors - Invasion (F/O/A/D Remix) [D-Zone]
>> The Tranquil One - Rave Era [786 Approved]
Colette - Loverman (Cyberpunk - Journey) [JFD]
Addiction - Addiction EP (A1) [Vicious Pumpin Plastic]
Sycometrix – Sycometrix EP (A2) [Bad Boy]
Energetic C - Public Transportation [HNR]
DJ Vinyl - Charged Up (A) [Beat Master]
The Impact Crew - Feels Good [U No Dat]
The Tranquil One - Rave Era [786 Approved]
Tronikhouse - Up Tempo (The Groove Rider Mix) [KMS]
Nookie - Pedro Pulls An Essex Sort [Absolute 2]
The Gateway Experience - Twin Freaks [Stealth]
Reload - Birth Of A Disco Dancer [Evolution]
Energizer 2 - Untitled (A) [Energizer]
Kev Bird & The Wax Doctor - T.B.N. [Basement]
New Decade - Get The Message [Out Of Romford]
DJ Crystl - Suicidal [Lucky Spin]
Syko And Mak - Take Me Out To Love [PM Recordings (Parliament Music)]
J.D.Y. - All Over Me (Mix 1) [Just Dance]
Hedgehog Affair - Second Rush [Basement]
K2 - Me Love It [K-Toons]
C.M.C. - Let Loose [Ibiza]
NTT - Hypnotize [Biology Productions]
Raging Rockers - Kounter Act (Sensi Version) [Ruby Red]
Sound Corp - Dream Finder Remix [Tone Def]
Powerhouse Inc - Pressing On (Jungle Mix) [Entity]
Rufige Kru - Krisp Biscuit [Reinforced]

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  1. Haven't come across this one b4. Respect!