Wednesday, 17 July 2019

DJ Ron & Kenny Ken - Roast 'Xmas Party' - 24th December 1991

DJ Ron

The Charm - De-Men-Tation [Bass Overdose]
DJ SS - The 'E' Face [Formation]
Xray Xperiments - Take No Chance [Xray]
DJ Seduction - Hardcore Heaven (The Heaven Mix) [Ffrreedom]
Bass Construction - Dance With Power (Original Mix) [Elicit]
Toxic - Original Style (X-clusive Remix) [D-Zone]
Urban Shakedown - Some Justice [Urban Shakedown]
Crystal Vortex - Children Of The Liam Crystal [PFly]
Rebel MC introducing Little T - Rich Ah Getting Richer (Orchestral Mix) [Tribal Bass]

Kenny Ken

1001 People - Ao-Ao (Remix) (Mental Overdrive Mix) [DFC]
The Clepto-Maniacs - Eros (Fun City Stereo-Type Mix) [Fokus U.K.]
Digital Excitation - Dreamparty (Straight FM-Mix) [Mikki House]
Masters At Work - Justa 'Lil' Dope [Cutting] (@ 45)

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