Wednesday, 8 November 2017

DJ Tonic & Ash - Kool 94.5 FM - 3rd October 1992

DJ Tonic

DJ Genisis & Kenny X - X Rated Movie [Ibiza]
S.L.M. - Nice 'N' Slow [Tone Def]
Hard Times Crew - Rough Times [Hard Times]
Zookeepers Revenge - Charged Up [Dance Bass]
Bass Ballistics - Smoke Dis One Remix (Smoke Till Ya Choke) [J4M]
Jungle House Crew - King Of The Jungle [Formation]
DBL - 2-Happy [PM Recordings (Parliament Music)]
S.M.F. - Volume 3 (B2) [Rugged Vinyl]
One Tribe - Get Hype [Dance Wax]
Little Matt & Uprock - Error Terror [Fat Chuna]


DJ Ash

Zeno Zip - Funky Rewind [Full Moon]
Code 071 & M.A.D. - Stop That (Instrumental) [Reinforced]
Vocation - Freefall [Furious]
3 Rude Bwoy – The Herb (Ses Massive Mix) [Mad House]
Vocation - Decompression [Furious]
3 Rude Bwoy - Rude Bwoy Rambo (Roast Gun Mix) [Mad House]
Acen - Obsessed II (Pictures Of Silence) [Production House]
The Sorcerer - Mind Scratcher [After Dark]
Acen - Trip To The Moon (Part 3: Kaleidoscopiklimax Mix) [Production House]
Code 071 & M.A.D. - A London Sumtin' Remix [Reinforced]
Sky Joose - Bond 007 [Ibiza]
Unknown Artist - Feelings [Not On Label - WRH 001]
Low Noise Block - It's Not Big + It's Not Clever [Ibiza]
DJ Genisis & Kenny X - Wheel The Bass (Straight Mix) [Ibiza]
A Guy Called Gerald - Let It Go [Juice Box]
DJ Genisis & Kenny X - X Rated Movie [Ibiza]
A Guy Called Gerald - Free Africa [Juice Box]
Unknown Artist - Jump Up EP (A1) [Not On Label - PE 12 001]
A Guy Called Gerald - Like A Drug [Juice Box]
Mind To Mind - Zen (Original Mix) [After Dark]

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