Friday, 24 September 2021

Dr S Gachet - Jungle Underground - 1997

Psion – Black Dawn [Audio Blueprint]
Future Forces Inc - The Killer [Renegade Hardware]
B.O.R.G. - Garden Of Soundz [Advanced Biosystems]
Sun Electric - Eya (Hardware Mix) [Apollo]
Genotype – Toxic [Renegade Hardware]
Capone - Friday [Hardleaders]
Dom & Rob - Distorted Dreams [Moving Shadow]
Dr. S. Gachet - Remember The Roller (The Roller Coster Mix) [Audio Maze]
Pascal - Vortex [True Playaz]
Pascal - Cool Manoeuvre [True Playaz]
Future Passed - Open Your Mind [Genetic Stress]
DJ Krust - Soul In Motion [Full Cycle]
Decoder - Sub Osc [Second Movement]

(break in recording)

Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows (Awake 96' Remix) [Ram]
Aphrodite - Dub Moods [Aphrodite]
E.P.S. & 2-Vibe - Hype The Funk [Urban Takeover]

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