Friday, 24 July 2015

Innovator - Kool 94.5 FM - 15th August 1993

D.O.P.E. - Dope On Plastic PT II [Rugged Vinyl]
Cool Hand Flex - Mars [In Touch]
Wots My Code - Dubplate (Simply Rolling Mix) [Advance]
K-Rox & DJ Monita - Skull & Bonus Breaks [Skeleton]
Cool Hand Flex - Complete Control [In Touch]
Dopeski & Jakes - Snowstorm Remix [Wardance]
Omni Trio - Feel Better (Foul Play remix) [Moving Shadow]
Hyper On Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play remix) [Moving Shadow]
Two Dark Troopers - I Wanna Be Your Lover [Basement]
Undercover Elephant - Commence With The B-Line (Elemix) [Bogwoppa]
DJ Krome & Mr Time - Into The Night [Suburban Base]
The Hedgehog Affair PT IV - Come On [Sound Entity]
Mystery Men - Inspiration [Flyte]
C. Biz - Crowd Says Rewind (Re-mix) [Big City]

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