Friday, 8 August 2014

DJ Jinx & Phaze III - Kool FM 94.5 - 15th August 1993

DJ Jinx

Chris Paul - Hold It Down [Kikman]
Manix - Alright Wid Me (Tek 9 Remix) [Reinforced]
Hyper On Experience - Thunder Grip (Kaotic Chemistry remix) [Moving Shadow]
Younghead - Moonraker [Reinforced]
Cloud Nine - Return Of The Donut [Moving Shadow]
Younghead - Creatures Of The Light [Reinforced]
Cloud Nine - The Dreamer [Moving Shadow]
Tom & Jerry - Programme 205 [Tom & Jerry]
DJ Spice - Brand New (Stressed Out Mix) [Soapbar]
Joint Project - Spiritual Guidance [Soapbar]
TMR - Pirate Toon (Moose Mix) [Pirate Club]
Static Substance - Happiness [Impact]
Foul Play - Open Your Mind (Foul Play remix) [Moving Shadow]
Foul Play - Open Your Mind (Nookie remix) [Moving Shadow]
Gappa G & Hyper Hypa - Feel Like A King [Ruff Kut!]
Tom & Jerry - Yamming Snacks Like Shaggy [Tom & Jerry]
Two Dark Troopers - I Wanna Be Your Lover [Basement]
2 Bad Mice - Pitch Black (Boom Boom Version) [Moving Shadow]
Foul Play - Finest Illusion [Section 5]
Foul Play - Finest Illusion (Legal Mix) [Moving Shadow]
Satin Storm - What Do You Do? [Satin Storm]
D-Livin - Why [D-Livin]
Kid Andy & Nickle Bee - Pain [Boogie Beat]
IG1 Collective - The Wanna [Awesome]
Hard & Pure - Chains [Hard & Fast]

Phaze III

Original DJ Vibes - Style EP Side AA1 [Dance Floor Studios]
Cool Hand Flex - Mars [In Touch]
FBD Project - The Core [Bang-In Tunes]
Noise Factory - Wheel Up! [3rd Party]
The Assailant - All I Need Is Me & You [Blipton Factor]

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