Thursday 3 April 2014

DJ Transit & DJ Exorcist (Rave Brothers) - Eruption FM 101.3 - 1st May 1994

Another recording from the same Transit & Exorcist show which was posted on Hardscore yesterday (LINK).


DJ Pulse - Stay Calm [Creative Wax]
Mad Dog - Out (Jack n Phil remix) [Basement]
Cool Hand Flex - Let It Rip [U No Dat]
Demolition Cru - Too Demolished To Dance [Unreleased]
Intelligent Minds - Control [Intelligent Mind]
Demolition Cru - Terminated Rhythm [Unreleased]
Centurions - Sandman [Mask]
The Alliance - First Impressions [Reinforced]
Gwange - Adrenalin [Legend]
Roger Johnson - One On One [Basement]
Omni Trio - Original Soundtrack [Moving Shadow]

Thanks to the original uploader

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