Wednesday, 5 March 2014

MC ID - Kool FM 94.5 - 1st May 1993

Donovan Bad Boy Smith - Obsession [Ruffbeat]
Lennie De-Ice - No Time [Armshouse Crew]
Code 071 - Ease Up Soundboy (Don Gargon Mix) [Trouble On Vinyl]
Potential Bad Boy - Melody Mayhem Pt 2 [Limited E Edition]
SMF - Make The Music [Rugged Vinyl]
Oktiv - Upside Down [Sound Asylum]
SMF - Naughty Six Minutes [Rugged Vinyl]
Defender - Second Wave [Gyroscope]
The Junglist - Vol. II [F Project]
Syko & Mak - Dominate (Hard Trance) [Parliament]
DJ SS - The Pulse (Darkside Mix) [Formation]
Syko & Mak - Journey Into The Nebulous [Parliament]
Oktiv - Dream & Dimensions [Sound Asylum]
Noise Factory - Ladies Choice [3rd Party]
Desire D.J's - Exstatic [2000 AD]
Code 071 - Computerized Business (Bayders Crew Remix) [Trouble On Vinyl]
MC Jay J + DJ Devious D - Sensational Jungalist [Awesome]
Potential Bad Boy - 4 The Ladies [Limited E Edition]

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