Thursday, 5 December 2013

DJ Crossfader & Altitude - Eruption FM 101.3 - July 1995

DJ Fokus - Pulse [Lucky Spin]
Splash - Babylon (Ray Keith remix) [Dee Jay]
Quaterback - The Mood [Grand Larceny]
II Vex Crew - Respect [Jahmahl]
Danny Breaks - Easy [Droppin' Science]
Andy C - Roll On [Ram]
Roni Size - Fashion [V]
Dillinger - Tear Down (Da Whole Place) [Conqueror]
London's Most Wanted - Girls Dem Want It (Original Mix) [Philly Blunt]
Undercover Agent - Oh Gosh (Droppin' Science remix) [Juice]
P-Funk - P-Funk Era (dis1iz4yasoul) [Frontline]
The Regulators - Hero's Welcome [Subversive]
Waterproof - Ain't No Way [Waterproof]
Hot Steppers - Volume 1 Side A [Hot Steppers]
Danny Breaks - Droppin' Science Volume 1 (DJ Zinc remix) [Droppin' Science]
Higher Sense - People Of The Universe (remix) [Moving Shadow]
M6 Crew - The Basher (VIP Mix) [Jungle Tekno Volume 4 LP]
General Degree - Papa Lover Jungle (DJ Stretch Remix) [Street Tuff]
Bruck Wild - I Will Always Love You [Soundman]
Lewi & Chopper - Make Love 2 Me (Mix 1) [Street Tuff]
Roni Size - Step Up [V]
Lewi & Chopper - Make Love 2 Me (Mix 2) [Street Tuff]
Undercover Agent - Rougher (Borderclash Mix) [Splash]
Simon Bassline Smith - Natty Music [Rogue Trooper]

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