Thursday, 17 May 2012

DJ Trace - Kool FM 94.5 - 10th April 1994

DJ Trace - Jazz Primitives [Lucky Spin]
DJ Crystl - Let It Roll [Dee Jay]
Code Blue - Angels In Dub [Dee Jay]
Smith & Mighty - Come Fly Away (Dub) [Three Stripes]
D-Livin - Why [D-Livin]
Blame & Justice - Essence (The Jazz Testament) [Moving Shadow]
Orca - Intalect (VIP Mix) [Promised Land Volume 2 LP]
Q Project - Champion Sound (The Alliance remix) [Legend]
Remarc & Lewi Cifer - Ricky [Dollar]
2 Bad Mice - Shooby Corner [Moving Shadow]
Wild Rhythems - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly [Hardcore Vinyl]
Edge Of Darkness - Angel Dust (Deep Blue remix) [Moving Shadow]

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  1. Never heard the VIP mix of Orca - Intalect until I downloaded this.

    I was also wondering if you could add my blog to your Other Sites section. Please email me at uioipon(at)
    Kind Regards JJ,