Friday, 23 September 2011

DJ Ron & SL - Kool FM - 8th April 1994

A very crackly recording of a 1994 DJ Ron & SL Kool FM show.



Trinity - Chapter 20 [V]
Mad Dog - My God [Underdog]
Delirium - Days Of Our Lives (Tek 9 Hour Glass remix) [Reinforced]
DJ Buz - Slave [No U-Turn]
Dillinja - Deadly Ceremonies [Deadly Vinyl]
Shimon - The Predator [Ram]
Ginetix - Main Feature [Face]
Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era - Session One (Riots In Rayleigh) [Suburban Base]
Potential Bad Boy - Have No Fear [Ibiza]
Dillinja & Mr E - Catch The Vibe [IQ]
Jason Ball - Horns For 94 [Back 2 Basics]
Dubtronix - Dubtronix Theme [Sub Assertive Sounds]
DJ Hype - Computerised Cops [Ganja]
Q Project - Champion Sound (Alliance Remix) [Legend]
DJ Rap - Digable Bass [Proper Talent]
Top Star & Master Flexxer - Sweet Underground [Mendoza]

Also check out consultthismusic's Soundcloud page for the first 47 minutes of the same show:

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  1. more pirate radio rips! especially 94 style