Friday, 22 January 2010

Sy & Loftgroover - Fibre Optic 'The Happening' - 14th May 1994


Oaysis - Incredible Bass (Awaited remix by Slipmatt) [Vicious Vinyl - VIC 003]
Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime - Crowd Control (Slipmatt Remix) [Hectic]
Bass X - Hardcore Disco [Shoop!]
Ravers Choice - Ravers Choice 1 (A) [Ravers Choice]
Hedgehog Affair - The Pipe [Sound Entity]
DJ's Unknown - Volume 3 (AA) [Homegrown]
Mega City 2 Featuring DJ Reflex - Dreamers Of Dreams [Extra-Terrestrial]
Slipmatt - Breaking Free [Awesome]
DJ Gershwin - The Mighty Piano (Bug Out Mix) [Suntribe]
Ratty - Bouncing [Formation]
DJ Demo - Essence EP (A) [Corrosive]
Unknown & Temptation - Feel It (Mix 1) [Homegrown]
Intense - Time Space Continuem [Rugged Vinyl]
Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime - Sunshine (The Pa Kua Mix) [Hectic]
SMD - #3 (A) [SMD]
Naughty Naughty - Volume Five (A) [Naughty Naughty]
Kinetic Pleasure - Get The Feeling (Bass X Edit) [Evolution]
Future Primitive - We're Flying (DJ Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) [Kniteforce]
DJ Seduction - My Own (Slipmatt Remix) [Impact]
SMD - #4 (A) [SMD]

Unknown DJ

Code Blue - Angels In Rhythm [Dee Jay]
A-Zone - Calling The People [White House]
>> DJ Rap - Get Under [Proper Talent]


Milan - You Are Sleeping [Brutal]
Sub Source - Musical Mayhem [Evolution]
Equazion - Hardcore Science [K.O.R.E.]
DJ Demo - Essence EP (A) [Corrosive]
Equazion - Integrator [K.O.R.E.]
DJ Ratty - Step Back In Time [Formation]
Two Terrorists - Dark Room [Terror Traxx]
Undercover Anarchist - Ja/Nein [Ruffneck]
Dance Overdose - Overdose Stomp (Bass X Remix) [Shoop]
Undercover Anarchist - Yo, Te Quirro [Ruffneck]
The Possessed - The Lord Is My Avenger [Planet Core]
Teckno Bross - Stupid Stop [Sinister]
Hardware - Heavy Metal (Doing! Doing! Doing!) [Shoop!]
D-Tox - Thrash [Shoop!]
Two Terrorists - Jurassick Park (DJ Paul Mix) [Terror Traxx]
Nosferatu - No God To Us [Ruffneck]
Schism - Red Shift/Psychosomatic [Diatomyc]
XE-DUS - Ghoulies [Labworks UK]
Nosferatu - Infusion [Ruffneck]
Bass X - Industrial Chaos [Shoop]
O.T.T. - Raw (Grunge Mix) [Industrial Strength]
Two Terrorists - Jurassick Park (Lenny Dee Mix) [Terror Traxx]
Wedlock - I'm The Fuck You Man [Ruffneck]


The Alliance - Integration [Moving Shadow]

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