Friday, 13 May 2022

DJ SS - Raven 7 'The New Batch' - 24th October 1992

DJ Madness

Spiritual Combat - Pro-Black [R & S]
Sperminator - No Woman Allowed (Men's Room Mix) [Rotterdam]


Darkman - Darkman [Formation]
Oz Beat - Oz Beat (A) [F Project]
Darkman - String Of Darkness [Formation]
Oz Beat - Oz Beat (AA) [F Project]
The Prodigy - Ruff In The Jungle Bizness (Uplifting Vibes Remix) [XL]
Mastersafe - Monster Sound [Formation]
Mystery Man - D.J. Business [Fokus]
Mastersafe - Tarzan Meets Jane [Formation]
Jungle House Crew - The Darkside (DJ SS Remix) [Formation]
The Junglist - Untitled (A) [F Project]
DJ SS & EQ - DJ's Anthem Volume 1 (A) [Formation]
Rhythm For Reasons - The Grand National (Tango Remix) [Formation]
MC Jay J (SL2) & DJ Devious D - Drive Ya' Crazy [Awesome]
Tango - Project 1 [F Project]
EQ - Total Xstacy (DJ SS & E.Q. Remix) [Formation]
Brainstorm Crew - Plastic Man [Formation]
Spectral - Touch Somebody (DJ Seduction Remix) [Cue]
Structural Damage - Really Livin [Symphony Sound]
Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track (Original Mix) [Ffrreedom]
Neuromancer - Pennywise [Symphony Sound]
Top Buzz - Livin' In Darkness [Basement]
Nasty Habits - Dark Angel [Reinforced]
Cloud Nine - Gonna Be Alright [Not On Label - CLOUD 2]
Psychotropic - Hypnosis (SL2 Remix) [02]
Megadrive - Mega 1 (A) [F Project]
Open Skies - Ozone Nights [Reinforced]
The Prodigy - Your Love (Remix) [XL]
Mastersafe - Everybody [Formation]
DJ SS & EQ - DJ's Anthem Volume 1 (A) [Formation]

Trevor Rockliffe - Serious Business Demo Tape - Autumn 1992

Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing (Jump A Little Higher) [SEP Music]
Nu-Tro-Gen - Rollin' Reptiles [Thunderpussy]
Futurhythm - Phuture [MFS]
Lenny Dee - What The Fuck [Industrial Strength]
T-Bone Castro - The Women Here (Are All So Cute) [Dance Ecstasy 2001]
Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing [SEP Music]
Dyewitness - Observing The Earth (US Remix) [Watts Music]
Frequency - Slam To The Funk [Lower East Side]
Force Mass Motion - VNE (Thief Of Minds Mix) [Rabbit City]
3 Phase Featuring Dr. Motte - Der Klang Der Familie [Tresor]
Car & Driver - Two O'Clock [Force Inc. Music Works]
Brain-e - Space Your Mind [Overdrive]
Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track (Toxic 2 Mix) [Ffrreedom]
Mike Dunn - Magic Feet (Edge Of Motion Mixx) [Djax-Up-Beats]
Joe Inferno - Tribal Church (Other Mix) [New Music International]
Macromind - Venom [Buzz]
Tic Tac Toe - Ephemerol (Mickey Finn Remix) [Tic Tac Toe]
The Hallucination Generation - Hypnotised (Oink Oink Version) [Thunderpussy]
Space Cube - Pain [Force Inc. Music Works]
Supertronic Co. - Trance-A.M. [Round And Round]
Quartex - My Programm [Freaky]
ES-PEE-DEE & DJ Distroi - B P S I E.P. (A2) [Not On Label - BPSi-001]
N.R.G. - He Never Lost His Hardcore [Chill]
Future/Past - Clinically Inclined (Remix) [R & S]
Remy - Sudden Impact [Wonka Beats]

DJ Rap - Pure X 'Rumble In The Jungle' - 1st July 1995

Firefox - Bonanza Kid [Philly Blunt]
Ranski - Dream Of Horns (AA) [Boom Tunes]
MA2 - Hearing Is Believing (Remix) [Formation]
Prizna featuring Demolition Man - Fire (Urban Shakedown Remix) [Labello Blanco]
Krust - Set Speed [V]
Sound Of The Future - The Lighter (DJ Friendly Mix) [Formation]
DJ Monk - Dance Hall Style [K.L.P.]
Top Cat meets DJ Rap - Ruffest Gun Ark [Jungle Fashion]
Trinity - Gangsta (O J Mix) [Philly Blunt]
Special K & Ruff Cut - Chopsticks (VIP Mix) [Lowkey]
Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb (DJ SS Mix) [Suburban Base]
DJ Ron - African Chant (Remix) [London Some'ting]
Remarc - R.I.P. (DJ Hype Remix) [Suburban Base]
Poison Chang - Love The Woman (DJ Rap Remix) [Jungle Fashion]
The House Crew - Super Hero (Hero Mix) [Production House]
Easymen - Easymen (Remix 1) [Easymen - EAZY-001]
DJ SS - Black (A) [Formation Colours Series]
Andy C - Roll On [Ram]
Dillinger - Believe The Bass [Conqueror]
DJ Rap - Roughest [Proper Talent]
The New Cru featuring General Pecos - Run Come (unreleased remix ?)
DJ Rap featuring MC Hooligan - Hooligan [Proper Talent]
Roni Size - Phyzical (Vintage Remix) [V]
DJ Rap - Universal Mind [Breakdown - Telepathy - Jungle Dons - Dub Plate Special LP]
The Dubster - Retreat (Micky Finn & L Double Feat MC GQ VIP Mix) [Flex - The Lost Scrolls Remastered digital release]

Thursday, 14 April 2022

Alex Hazzard & DJ Trace - Quantasia presents Bass City - 13th February 1992


EQ - True Devotion [FX]
DJ's U-Nite - Volume 1 (A) [Liquid Wax]
E=MC² = Everybody (I've Got The Crystal Ball) [Fokus U.K.]

Alex Hazzard

Smooth But Hazzardous - Made U Dance [Basement]
Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived [Planet Core Productions]
Adam X - Lost In Hell (Paradis Mix) [Rave Age]
The Mover - Nightflight (Non-Stop To Kaos) [Planet Core Productions]
X-es - Weird [Freaky]
C.M.C. - I'm In Ecstasy [Limited E Edition]
Noise Factory - We Have It [Ibiza]
Interface - Spectre (Remix) [Moving Shadow]
Noise Factory - To The Top [Ibiza]
Interface - Out Yer Face [Rising High]
Smooth But Hazzardous - Smooth But Hazzardous (Dubplate Mix) [Unreleased]
Techno Bros. - Burst Appendix [Basement]
Church Of Extacy - Church Of Extacy (Ooowee, I Am Ready...!) [Rising High]
D'Angel - Rolling Thunder (Microgroove Mix) [Outer Rhythm]
Mark One - Hoovers + Spraycans [Recherché]
The Mover - Illuminated [Planet Core Productions]

DJ Trace

Rhythm Controll - My House (Acapella) [Catch A Beat]
Sound Corp - Dream Finder Remix [Tone Def]
A Guy Called Gerald - 28 Gun Bad Boy [Juice Box]
Noise Factory - Bring Forward The Noise [Ibiza]
Noise Factory - To The Top [Ibiza]
DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini - Isn't That Powerful [Liquid Wax]
The Charm – De-Men-Tation [Bass Overdose]
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Let Your Mind Be Free [Suburban Base]
Noise Factory - Warning (Dub Mix) [Ibiza]
Code 071 - A London Sumtin' [Reinforced]
DJ Blatant & The Master Programmer - Jinxed [Spare Beat]
DJ's U-Nite - Volume 1 (A) [Liquid Wax]
Manix - Oblivion (Staed Remix) [Reinforced]
Acen - Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion!) (Remix I) [Production House]
Urban Shakedown - Some Justice [Urban Shakedown]
2 Boasters, A Digestive & A Jammy Dodger - We Are About To Take LSD [Reel 2 Reel Productions]
Raging Rockers - Kounter Act [Ruby Red]
The Real Masters - E-Go [Debut]
SL2 - The Noise (The Remix) [XL]

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Dr S Gachet - Hyperbolic & Pure X 'In Complete Harmony' - 24th February 1995

Unknown DJ

Redrose - Jungle Tempo [Greensleeves]

Dr S Gachet

The Dubster - Retreat (Micky Finn & L Double Feat MC GQ VIP Mix) [Flex - The Lost Scrolls Remastered digital release]
Deadly D - Murder Yuh Blood [Flex]
Tom And Jerry - Slam (Dubplate Mix) [Unreleased]
Urban Shakedown - Some Justice '95 (Arsonist Dub Mix) [Urban Shakedown]
DJ SS - Rollidge [Formation]
L Double - What Am I Gonna Do? (Remix) [Little Rollers]
Amazon II – Bass Light (Exclusive Dub Plate Special) [Labello/PWL - Jungle Massive 003 Promo]
DJ Rap & Voyager - Abyss [Proper Talent - Intelligence LP]
Dillinja - The Angels Fell [Metalheadz]
D.J. Fokus - Pulse [Lucky Spin]
Dopeski & Jakes - Who's Gonna Love Me [Unreleased]
Roz - U Can Be My Lover (Jonny L Dub Mix) [XL]
Asend & Ultravibe - Real Love [Breakdown - Drum & Bass Selection 4 LP]
Majistrate - Run It [Intalektive]
The Terrorist - Sing Time (A) [Dread]


Sound Of The Future – The Lighter (Mix 2) [Formation]

Pilgrim - Club Kinetic - 29th April 1994

Slipmatt - Hear Me [Awesome]
Q Project - Deep Concentration [Legend]
007 - Your Love Is All I Need [Formation]
DJ Seduction - So In Love (Happy Stomp Mix) [Impact]
Ginetix - Main Feature [Face]
Demo & Poet - Welcome To My Nightmare (Remix) [Step Aside]
Mercurial - Feel The Energy [Prophet]
Smith & Brown - Life's Just So [Homegrown]
Omni Trio - Thru The Vibe (Bongo Mix) [Moving Shadow]
Chaos & Julia Set - Fear The Future (Original Chaos Mix) [Recoil]
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Session Two inc Breaks Theme PT 2 (Dantronix In The House) [Suburban Base]
007 - We Had It All [Formation]
Back 2 Basics - Horns For 94 [Back 2 Basics]
DJ Mongoose - Straight Up (Wris Spec) [Rogue]
Naughty Naughty - Volume Six (A) [Naughty Naughty]
DJ Pilgrim & Sammy - Can You Feel It (Original Mix) [Three Scars]
>> Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime - Marley's Rush (Happy Mix) [RSR]

Fallout - Conspiracy 'Unfinished Business' - 30th April 1994

Simon Bassline Smith

Smith Inc Featuring Simon Bassline Smith - She Devil [Absolute Zero]


Conquering Lion - Code Red (Wild Apachi Mix) [X Project]
Essence Of Aura - Fall Down On Me (Unreleased Dubplate Mix) [Sublogic]
Hyper On Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines (Bootleg Mix 2) [Not On Label - VRM001]
DJ Seduction - Sub Dub (DJ SS Rollers Remix) [Impact]
A-Zone - Calling The People [White House]
Jumping Jack Frost - Osmosis (Ratty Remix) [Formation]
Violator Vol 1 - Untitled (A) [Not On Label - VI 001]
Swift & Zinc - Refuze [Brain Progression]
Johnny Jungle - Johnny 94 (Tango Remix) [Unreleased]
Another Dimension - Twilight Zone (Key Of Imagination Remix) [Kikman]
Tango & Fallout - Revelations [Unreleased]
Subnation - Scottie III (Remix) [Future Vinyl]
Violator Vol 1 - Untitled (B) [Not On Label - VI 001]
DJ Hype - Roll The Beats (Inject The Bass Mix) [Suburban Base]
Tango And Fallout - Positive Chaos ... (Mix 1) [Not On Label - TF 003]
Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune (Fantasy #1) [Moving Shadow - SHADOW41]


Timmi Magic - Carnival 93 - The Anthem (Dancehall Lick) [Armshouse Crew]
>> DJ Rap - Digable Bass [Proper Talent]